What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and feminine of sports. Rhythmic gymnastics teaches to follow the rules of aesthetic behavior, forms understanding the beauty of body, cultivates taste and musicality.It is an enjoyable sport that develops fitness, inspires creativity, and enables every child to work at their own level.

Gymnastics is a good foundation for all other sports, as it is training for balanced movements, muscle control, spinning, and flexibility of body parts. In addition, gymnastics enthusiasts can start at a very young age. basic training of gymnastics will help teach the kids various movements of the body, while at the same time emphasizing the safety measures. In the training of children aged five or less, the students mostly practice the fundamental techniques for correcting their movements, which include walking, running, jumping and rolling. The practice of such seemingly basic movements can progress on to more complicated moves. Walking, running and jumping, for example, consist of about 20 to 30 moves in total, such as lifting the leg in various directions. Rolling, too, has many moves, such as falling, dashing, and actually rolling in a safe manner that reduces the chances of an injury. In fact, based on a recent study Rhythmic Gymnastics significantly improves bone density and strength.

Rhythmic gymnastics offers a unique blend of music, movement, and apparatus that challenges students to discover their bodies’ capabilities. The opportunities for movement are endless as children use their natural creativity and imagination to manipulate ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes, and clubs in fun and spectacular ways. Rhythmic gymnastics, offers muscle training that emphasizes safer jumping and rolling techniques as well as body flexibility.