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Elegance Gymnastics School, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland offers Rhythmic Gymnastics - a unique experience to young athletes, ranging from flexibility and balance training as well as stretching exercises, to full competitive team competing at the highest level in the sport. Our school is the only facility in the state of Maryland renovated and designed for the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

 Elegance expands rhythmic gymnastics beyond individual routines, by adding groups to rhythmic gymnastics which is a separate Olympic event. Both Individual and Group routines require many qualities that we develop and improve through training and support of our coaches - flexibility, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, balance, endurance and strength are just a few. These qualities are valued beyond the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics, and are sought after in such sports as ballet, dancing and cheerleading. The sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics is not all about the competition results; it is about making friends, giving your best effort and enjoying your accomplishments, growing and developing through direction and guidance of our experienced coaches. Competitive team and recreational students both enjoy Gala Performances that are set up to display their newly learned skills and abilities, with costumes and choreographed routines set to music – it is always a blast for the kids, as well as their parents! 

  Elegance gym is conveniently located in a great business park neighborhood, surrounded by sport oriented businesses. Our small class sizes, flexible morning and weekend schedules, experienced coaches and an excellent training facility, specifically and only used for rhythmic gymnastics, ensures that our gymnasts receive the best training available in the state of Maryland.

What Is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

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Our dedicated and passionate coaches, former competitive elite rhythmic gymnasts, offer years of personal and coaching experience, devotion and patience to make your child fall in love with this beautiful Olympic Sport.